Monday, June 3, 2013


Hello sweet, sweet June! 

This is my last week of school, and I don' t know how or when I got here, but I did somehow. And although I have a million things to do still, and I know I'll miss my little friends, I'm ready for sun, peace, quiet, tan lines, relaxation, and endless hours of reading...hurry Friday afternoon!

Okay so, I'm kinda hooked on or into another season of The Bachelorette/Bachelor. I don't know what it is about that show! I think it's Monday nights...what else does a single, exhausted girl have to do on a Monday night from 8-10pm? 

So before I go to burn 15 copies of my class movie, I thought I'd ask how my bloggy friends like the iPhone 5 if you have it???? I'm a mac girl, but had just gotten a Blackberry before the iPhone came to Verizon. I'm due for an upgrade and want the 5 so bad...but it's $$$$. I totally need to get into Instagram and all these apps that all of you speak of, would you recommend the 5?

Great vacay essentials are easy for me: a great swimsuit! It can't be too revealing because that's uncomfortable and I like to get adventurous, things must stay in place! But, it should be cute & flattering ha. Also, you need a good camera to capture those memories and great people to make memories with. That'll be me this July.

Hurry Summer! 


andrea colicchio said...

Love the blog! Currently listening to the Bachelorette as well...have a great last week of school!

Beach Teacher said...

I don't have the Iphone 5 but love my Droid (not a complete Apple girl here but I do have an Itouch:) You can get Instagram on that as well. I hope that you enjoy your last few days! :)

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Krista Carlson said...

I spent my evening burning copies of our class DVD as well! I was crossing my fingers the entire time that more computer wouldn't overheat or burn out on me! She made it through 30 DVDs successfully! Looking forward to sharing ideas!

The Second Grade Superkids

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