Monday, February 27, 2012

I Feel Lucky Freebie

As I'm sitting here watching The Bachelor and wishing I could push fast forward to the end, I thought I'd share this freebie with you. I keep hearing these contestants saying lucky this, lucky that and it reminded me of one of my St. Patty's day writing prompts titled: I feel lucky to know you. Normally, I just have students write a personal narrative about someone they feel lucky to know (Mailbox has a great shamrock shaped freebie). This year, I thought I'd format this prompt into a friendly letter. After writing, I plan to deliver our letters (on St. Patty's day) and share a little love and joy with others. After all, Valentine's isn't the only day that we're allowed to be super nice to others lol! Anyways, as strange as this show is, I can't seem to look away...back to The Bachelor. Enjoy the freebie!

I Feel LUCKY To Know You

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Minute Presidents

Well I don't know about anyone else, but February is always my busiest month when it comes to my Science and Social Studies units. I have to fit in Groundhog's Day + shadows, Dental Hygiene/teeth, Presidents (Washington, Lincoln, Obama, and National Monuments), plus friendship and Valentine's. Depending on where Chinese New Year falls and how many snow days we've had in January, I'm generally finishing that up by the time dreaded February comes. This year, we've had 2 inservice days in February and when you add in assemblies and interventions...there never seems to be enough time. So anyways, that's my excuse for just now starting my President's Day unit today. But hey, tomorrow is Washington's birthday!!! My timing might not be so bad after all....waiittttt I still have to get in some leap day stuff. Dear God, help me.

So back to President's Day. Today, I read a short Washington biography and I plan on having the students make this craftivity from The First Grade Parade. Honestly, we may not have time to paint, but that's what tannish colored crayons are for. :)


As far as old Abe goes, I found a mailbox freebie one year that's a simple silhouette of Lincoln's head. We take the silhouette and use rulers to divide it into squares by drawing horizontal and vertical lines. This gives us time to review how we use rulers right before we get into our measurement unit in math. Timing is everything, eh? Then, we create patterns using red and blue crayons=PATRIOTIC! Check out the final product below! I'd love to scan the silhouette, I just need to make sure I'm not breaking copyright, etc. Oh, below the silhouette we write an acrostic poem with the word "President" or "Lincoln."

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm 100 and I KNOW it!

The 100th day of school has come and gone. This year we had a ton of fun dressing up as 100 year olds and writing personal narratives titled: When I am 100 Years Old. One of my little ladies, even wrote and performed a song for us! This was not a requirement, she just completely took the ball and ran with it. I don't think I'll forget this as long as I live. :)

"I'm 100 and I KNOW it" (to the tune of LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It")

When I walk into BINGO, this is what I see:
Everyone stops and is starin' at me!
I got a cane in my hand and I know how to use it, use it, use it, use it....
I'm 100 and I KNOW it!
I'm 100 and I KNOW it!

Oh, oh, oh, oh my back!
Oh, oh, oh, oh my back!
Oh, oh, oh, oh my back!

I'm 100 and I KNOW it!

 I gotta admit, this was my BEST 100th day ever! This writing project is sure to be a keeper! As much as our costumes were great, our personal narrative writing was even more fantastic! Turns out we really were able to make our writing come to life. :)

PS See the letters/numbers on that poster I made? They were 99 cents at Wal-Mart! Yup, they were on a 99 cents shelf in the party section. What a steal!!!