Monday, April 1, 2013

Currently April...what?!

Well somehow, today it's already April. Wow! Where does time go? I'm linking up with Farley again, I'm a big fan of her currently linkies and love seeing what everyone is up to. 

Soon, I'll be listening to DWTS. I'm actually a bit bored this season, but I've seen tabloids that say Bachelor Sean and his fiance have broken up. :/ I'm curious to see if she'll be on the show tonight and I can't wait to just squeeze out of it what I can.

Like most of you, I return from Spring Break or really Spring "weekend" tomorrow. Not looking forward to it mainly because...well in a week the PSSA (PA's standardized tests begin) & while we don't take them in the first grade, our whole schedule gets flipped and reversed, and we have to be super quiet and everyone just seems stressed, overwhelmed,'s just not fun. It also rains, you know April showers, but this is the time of the year when we get our first taste of 60 degree weather on the East coast and we all JUST.WANT.OUT. Sunshine and blue skies, is that too much to ask for?

I need to start running again, I think I'm signing up for my first mud run in June. Actually, June 1st. I need to get moving!!

Advice: The more, the merrier. I love blogging because well...I don't get a lot of time, if any to collaborate. There are days when I literally see no one on my team and you know it's just nice to collaborate, inspire, see a different way of doing things, share tips and suggestions. Everyone can contribute something! So, join in the fun. :)



Kelley Cirrito said...

You only had Monday and Friday off?? OMG!! I feel so bad! We had a week off and the kids actually had a week and a half because we had pd and teacher work day!

Teresa P. said...

Ashley, I feel you! I need to start running again too! Fun in K/1

Dynelle Dunn said...

Ahh that is very sad, we just had the week off. Although it sort of feels like it was shorter than I week, but I really shouldn't complain. I love the blogging world too. Enjoy your April!

First Grade Fun with Mrs. Dunn

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