Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Okay, so I survived today...first day back from Spring Weekend (as I like to call it). I say survived only because 15 minutes before school began, oh what to my wondering eyes does appear???? A letter from my sub last Thursday...or should I say a 5 paragraph essay..."on what" might you ask? Specific details of various incidents involving say 7-8 of my cherubs. Yup! KEEP CALM & TEACH ON is what I kept telling myself. I had a pre-service teacher starting her experience with us and while you want to have a moment to go "REALLY?!?!" It just isn't there...you regroup, smile, breathe, walk on, go on, continue to breathe more.

This was our first sub that was not my aide/assistant...well sort of... I get that it's the day before break and we're all kinda burnt out. But, jeez!  Never in my whole teaching career have I ever gotten a not nice, or shall I say disappointing note from a sub. :(

Have you ever received a note/message/report from a substitute teacher that wasn't to your liking? What did you do? Anything at all? I'll tell you what I did...we had an un-fun Morning Meeting. I asked the class to reflect on their day without me and to share stars (things that went well) and wishes (things that could go better), then I read the letter out loud. Why??? No, I'm not into public humiliation. I wanted them to know that subs can and do communicate. Can I tell you the shocked horror and tears on their little faces was quite astonishing? They really thought they could just let loose, go "hog wild" as my mom would say...so, we learned a lesson today. Substitute teachers are really teachers. The End!

I will tell you this much though, always trust your gut. The whole time I was getting my root canal on Thursday, I just felt uneasy and kept thinking about my cherubs. I knew something wasn't right in the universe. This must be like that mother's instinct thing, right?


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