Sunday, February 3, 2013

Currently February!

Okay, poor 49ers!!! C'mon guys!!! I never like to see any team take such a hard loss. Here's to hoping they get a few TD's soon. 

So halftime show...Beyonce? Not sure, we sang all of that live-particularly parts of Halo. Just didn't see the vocal chords moving the way they should have on some of those runs. (For those of you that don't know I've played the clarinet classically for over 20 years and toured with Philharmonics. I'm pretty retired now, but music is one of my fortes). On another note (haha), how touching and moving and incredible was Sandy Hook's choir and J. Hudson??? 

Also, please, Please, PUH-LEASE let someone like One Direction get the halftime show next year. I'm tired of watching these mommies (Beyonce and Madonna) pretend to still be young. Dress appropriately, respect yourself, your someone's MOM! Oi vey!

Lastly, my pet peeves babying-we don't need to carry first graders or cuddle them publicly OR make a big deal out of zipping their coat ALL the way up bc their teacher didn't. At this point, not only is this a hw assignment, it is also simply inappropriate! We can walk, we can talk, we CAN zip! We have to develop some independence. Disrespect-nuff said. Since when did it become okay for children to talk back? That was the ULTIMATE crime when I was growing up, I'd never do that. Arguing and talking back is disrespectful, clips WILL be moved down-no questions asked. And EXCUSES!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Pets and parents getting sick, bad weather, late arrivals to school are all PARTS of life NOT excuses for lack of self-control and bucket dipping behaviors. In what world is hitting or refusing to do work okay bc you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Not mine. 

See...these pet peeves get me worked up just thinking about 'em. :)

Oh boy! The lights are out! What will happen nowwww???? Oooohhh...


Mrs. Griffith said...

You can send some of your snow down here to south Texas!! My firsties would go CRAAAAZY! (I might too!) On another note, I was thinking the same thing watching Beyonce sing...coincidence??

For the Love of First Grade

Robin Harris said...

Hi Ashley! I am with you on wanting some sweet summertime! We haven't had any snow yet so really want at least one snow day this year, but soooooo ready for the beach!!

Emily said...

Completely agree with you about all the excuses... so tired of them myself!

Pam said...

Hi Ashley! I completely agree with you on all your pet peeves! I definitely feel that way with some of my first graders too.

Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Chrissy said...

I agree completely with your pet peeves too! Oh my, I wish parents would understand! I'm glad to have found your blog through the Currently's. You have one more follower now.
First Grade Found Me

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