Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On!

So today was the first day in about 3 weeks in which no one, not a single soul cried today. Whew! I was waiting for this day, I needed it. Then, I went to pick up my students from Phys Ed......and yet again, we had another poor showing during a Related Arts/Special class. I work with some extremely talented, well-seasoned professionals so this is always a bit tough to swallow. Week after week, we have Morning Meetings and review all of the expectations in various zones in our school. But, we just can't seem to keep it together.

Half of the drama this year is all about BFFs. You heard me, FIRST grade! You know, children have playdates with others after school. Then, those who aren't invited are offended when at this point in time, the parents are doing most of the inviting! Ah!!!!

Anyways, back to the main story here. One of my related arts teachers seriously asked me today "How do you do this ALL day? How do you get up and come here every day?!?!?!" My response,  a giggle. Because, I just.don't.know.either. I mean, some years are better than others I've learned. But, the past couple years, I've gone down a slippery slope.

So pick me ups! Well, I just pour myself into my content and keep measuring progress. So I suppose I should have titled this KEEP CALM and GATHER DATA haha. I just keep focusing on the end goal(s) in mind and pretend that this is normal because hey, if it's normal it's not bad at all, right????

Any more veteran teachers I'd be curious to know your experiences...have you gone through a drought so to speak for a few years? Is this a normal cyclical pattern??? I'll leave you all with this tidbit I grabbed from a district newsletter, because being happy is so much easier than being agitated!


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