Sunday, April 28, 2013


So, I got an amaaaazzzzing email a couple weeks ago from my Principal. The kind most teachers dream about! Yup, all of the K-2 teachers in my building received $250 to order books for our classroom libraries through Perma Bound . So of course, what did I spend a good chunk of Saturday night doing??? Book shopping!

So, somehow I was searching for books, I came across this and HAD to order it! Now in all other venues, avenues, and walks of life I don't find farting funny at all. However, it does happen in 1st grade and I think most kiddos can relate. Plus, I could use some humor every now and then to break away from the basal routine. :)

Description: After being sold at the family's yard sale, Walter is put to use blowing up balloons for a clown who is bent on robbing banks, but he escapes and becomes a hero.

Teehehehehe! I seriously laughed out loud today! According to Amazon, Walter is on the bestseller list! Have you heard of him??? I hadn't until today, obvi! Turns out, he's a whole series himself. GET EXCITED!!! 
**Insert happy dance here**

So, I then realized I couldn't have this book without the original Walter the Farting Dog. Can I tell you, I was able to purchase the original Walter for $0.01 on Amazon + $3.99 for shipping?!? But hey, 4 bucks is fine by me! 
Chances are I'll get my original Walter from Amazon before my budget is filled and I can introduce him to my students as our year winds down. Can't wait to tell you how it goes! Until then, stop by Amazon. There are other Walters...Walter on a cruise ship, etc.

Sweet dreams,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Grade Love's taken me awhile to actually be able to write the story that I am about to share with you. But finally, I feel brave enough. About a month ago, a very good friend of mine who was serving as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan was in a helicopter that went down. :( I feel extremely blessed to announce that he has survived, made it back to the states, and is in a wonderful facility that specifically addresses the needs and injuries of wounded warriors. :)

Since deployment, my class has been in contact with my good friend, sending Christmas cards, letters, a Valentines banner (, and of course Skyping! My firsties love the power of Skype and it served as a great motivator for writing stories and journal entries that we want to share. If you ever have the opportunity to skype friends near and fear, I highly recommend. I've never had more motivated writers!

Once my friend made it back to the states, I was provided with an address that I could mail cards to. My brain was seriously on overload just thinking of what we should, shouldn't, can, couldn't do. I finally settled on modifying a pinterest find and it worked out beautifully! 

Above is the original Pinterest find. God bless Pinterest!

Below you will find our creations. 

In an email from my friend's father our "oversize card" was mentioned, right after he mentioned visits from a pretty important General of some sorts. Crazy, cool huh??? Yup, first grade and I felt famous for a minute. Of all the things to mention! 

On another note before I go, I just want to share one heart-warming vignette. For about 2 weeks, I refrained from telling the firsties about this event. I just needed to know that I was in control and had accurate information to share. Here's what happened after I spilled the beans... 

Student 1: "When did you find out?"
 Me: 2 weeks ago.
Second student: "But why didn't you tell us?" 
Me: "I didn't want to make you sad, and I wanted to make sure everything was okay."
Student 2: "But WHY didn't you tell us?!?!"
Me: "I didn't want you to be sad."
Student 2: "But you should have told us had to be sad all alone, and we could've given you hugs."

Thank God for 6 and 7 year olds and their ability to feel endless compassion for others. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Okay, so I survived today...first day back from Spring Weekend (as I like to call it). I say survived only because 15 minutes before school began, oh what to my wondering eyes does appear???? A letter from my sub last Thursday...or should I say a 5 paragraph essay..."on what" might you ask? Specific details of various incidents involving say 7-8 of my cherubs. Yup! KEEP CALM & TEACH ON is what I kept telling myself. I had a pre-service teacher starting her experience with us and while you want to have a moment to go "REALLY?!?!" It just isn't regroup, smile, breathe, walk on, go on, continue to breathe more.

This was our first sub that was not my aide/assistant...well sort of... I get that it's the day before break and we're all kinda burnt out. But, jeez!  Never in my whole teaching career have I ever gotten a not nice, or shall I say disappointing note from a sub. :(

Have you ever received a note/message/report from a substitute teacher that wasn't to your liking? What did you do? Anything at all? I'll tell you what I did...we had an un-fun Morning Meeting. I asked the class to reflect on their day without me and to share stars (things that went well) and wishes (things that could go better), then I read the letter out loud. Why??? No, I'm not into public humiliation. I wanted them to know that subs can and do communicate. Can I tell you the shocked horror and tears on their little faces was quite astonishing? They really thought they could just let loose, go "hog wild" as my mom would, we learned a lesson today. Substitute teachers are really teachers. The End!

I will tell you this much though, always trust your gut. The whole time I was getting my root canal on Thursday, I just felt uneasy and kept thinking about my cherubs. I knew something wasn't right in the universe. This must be like that mother's instinct thing, right?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Currently April...what?!

Well somehow, today it's already April. Wow! Where does time go? I'm linking up with Farley again, I'm a big fan of her currently linkies and love seeing what everyone is up to. 

Soon, I'll be listening to DWTS. I'm actually a bit bored this season, but I've seen tabloids that say Bachelor Sean and his fiance have broken up. :/ I'm curious to see if she'll be on the show tonight and I can't wait to just squeeze out of it what I can.

Like most of you, I return from Spring Break or really Spring "weekend" tomorrow. Not looking forward to it mainly because...well in a week the PSSA (PA's standardized tests begin) & while we don't take them in the first grade, our whole schedule gets flipped and reversed, and we have to be super quiet and everyone just seems stressed, overwhelmed,'s just not fun. It also rains, you know April showers, but this is the time of the year when we get our first taste of 60 degree weather on the East coast and we all JUST.WANT.OUT. Sunshine and blue skies, is that too much to ask for?

I need to start running again, I think I'm signing up for my first mud run in June. Actually, June 1st. I need to get moving!!

Advice: The more, the merrier. I love blogging because well...I don't get a lot of time, if any to collaborate. There are days when I literally see no one on my team and you know it's just nice to collaborate, inspire, see a different way of doing things, share tips and suggestions. Everyone can contribute something! So, join in the fun. :)