Sunday, April 28, 2013


So, I got an amaaaazzzzing email a couple weeks ago from my Principal. The kind most teachers dream about! Yup, all of the K-2 teachers in my building received $250 to order books for our classroom libraries through Perma Bound . So of course, what did I spend a good chunk of Saturday night doing??? Book shopping!

So, somehow I was searching for books, I came across this and HAD to order it! Now in all other venues, avenues, and walks of life I don't find farting funny at all. However, it does happen in 1st grade and I think most kiddos can relate. Plus, I could use some humor every now and then to break away from the basal routine. :)

Description: After being sold at the family's yard sale, Walter is put to use blowing up balloons for a clown who is bent on robbing banks, but he escapes and becomes a hero.

Teehehehehe! I seriously laughed out loud today! According to Amazon, Walter is on the bestseller list! Have you heard of him??? I hadn't until today, obvi! Turns out, he's a whole series himself. GET EXCITED!!! 
**Insert happy dance here**

So, I then realized I couldn't have this book without the original Walter the Farting Dog. Can I tell you, I was able to purchase the original Walter for $0.01 on Amazon + $3.99 for shipping?!? But hey, 4 bucks is fine by me! 
Chances are I'll get my original Walter from Amazon before my budget is filled and I can introduce him to my students as our year winds down. Can't wait to tell you how it goes! Until then, stop by Amazon. There are other Walters...Walter on a cruise ship, etc.

Sweet dreams,


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