Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pray for Oklahoma

My heart is in Oklahoma today. I'm sure yours are, too. My hope, wish, and prayer for all of us is that we cherish these last few weeks or days of school. It's easy to trudge or gallup through this portion of the school year, with our eyes focused on Summer. But, please take a moment to inhale and enjoy these small moments....it's the little things that are really big after all. 

The Oklahoma Education Association has established a fund to assist members affected by the tornadoes. Here's how you can donate:http://oeatornadorelief.eventbrite.com/

Also, if you get a moment take a look at the video below. These.teachers. AMAZE.me. I feel beyond humbled and proud to call myself a colleague of such heroic individuals. I think it's more than safe to say: "Those who CAN, Teach!"

Hero Teacher: 'I Saw the Tornado Coming': ABCNEWS.COM - Sherri Bittle and Cindy Lowe helped save dozens of lives when the tornado hit Briarwood Elementary.


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