Saturday, February 9, 2013

Common Core GALORE!

Hi Friends!

I'm somewhat snowed in right now, and thoroughly enjoying it. :) Our Library/Media teacher (aka The Information Goddess), recently passed along an AWESOME website to me that I thought I'd share with you. Worried about the common core like me??? Looking to stock your classroom library with books that support and teach the common core standards??? Then, check out Read Works !

Ok, so Read Works aka "The Solution to Reading Comprehension" lists all of the common core reading strategies and skills as well as lesson plans to teach the said strategies/skills/standards for every grade level AND wait, there's more! They even list books to go with each lesson plan/strategy/skill. Holy Moly, what a find! 

Honestly, I was pleased to find several books that I already have included in the 1st grade lessons. But, as we all know, the common core has a heavy focus on nonfiction texts and nonfiction writing. So, after looking at some of the lessons, there are a few nonfiction books that are on my list to locate at libraries or on Amazon over the summer.

Happy Exploring! Hope you enjoy! 


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