Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Annual Purchases!

So each Spring, I get to order whatever I want for my classroom, up to a specified amount of money of course. It's called my annual budget, and each classroom teacher in my district gets one. Awesome! 

Every year I agonize over what I'm going to buy and I scan, scan, scan catalogs-then compare shipping costs, etc. I'm strategic, I'll utilize every penny. Last year, I even used my last few bucks to buy some googly eyes. But hey, googly eyes are everything in first grade!

So what did I get this year???? Check it out below! 

Hear Myself Sound Phone
Purchase #1: 5 of these from Lakeshore Learning. These "Hear Myself Sound Phones" have been around for years and while some people are crafty enough to make them out of plumbing pipes-I have NO idea where to begin. 

Reusable Write & Wipe Pocket
 Purchase #2: Also form Lakeshore, their Reusable Write and Wipe Pockets. I think you get a set of 10. I am so excited to use these for all sorts of word work, worksheets, etc. The Mailbox makes great grammar worksheets (as in, not boring) and I can't wait to just put them in here and not have to make a zillion copies of them!

Purchase #3: I got five sets of set 1. I think they're prettier than set 2. These were from Resources for Reading . They have a much better deal than Really Good Stuff on these bags. A four-pack is only $10 and our Reading Specialists recommended them to me. So, they do hold up well or at least let's hope!

I may have a few more bucks left and I'll order like velcro hook and loop squares or magnet tape or maybe even googly eyes! But I can't wait for my purchase to be delivered in August. It's like Christmas morning, even though I already know what I'm getting haha.

In the past, I've used my budget to buy a set of those 10 colored drawers on wheels, letter sponges, a class mailbox system, wikki stixx, etc. Do you get a budget? If so, what's on your wish list??? 


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