Thursday, June 6, 2013

Farewell to my Mighty Minions

Well this is it, the night before the LAST day of school. It's always one filled with mixed emotions: excitement, relief, a bit of sadness, and pride. We all need summer, every teacher does. It's with pride that we watch our students walk out of our doors for the last time. No matter where they are now, they've all come so far and touched my heart and in many ways, I hope I've touched theirs. 

We finally had our Play Day (aka Track and Field for K-2 at my school). It had been rescheduled TWICE due to rainy weather...but we got it this past Monday. 

I had shirts made for my class, I just love building that team spirit and sense of unity-it gets us all pumped up to play some games outside! My shirts this year were simple, but came out SO cute! I received so many compliments, check 'em out below and let me know what you think!

Btw, these pics do not do these shirts justice! They were like that fluorescent yellow color. You know the kind that construction flaggers wear at night?!?! Ha. My principal commented that he could see my class from his car as he was driving down the road. I def. couldn't lose anyone!

Why minions? Well, if you remember, my building theme was construction this year. I couldn't just put out orange cones or hats for my student display-so, I came up with Miss White's Mighty Minions (Despicable Me). I even found a minion-maker online! 

We built knowledge, new friendships, created relevance and had a ton of fun along the way! My minions our off to 2nd grade and while I'm proud to see 'em go, a part of me will always be minion-less. :)


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