Sunday, January 1, 2012

Froggy Freebie

So I have one more full day off, and then it's back to school. To celebrate and teach New Year's after a read aloud, I'm going to try this little craft. I found this on Pinterest, but can't trace it back to the original owner/creater. I would love to give credit where credit is due, so if this is yours, PUHlease lemme know:) 
After New Years, for Content (Social Studies, Science time), I'll be teaching Winter which, includes everything from snowflakes, snowmen, and snowplows to penguins! On the first day of my Winter Unit I read Froggy Gets Dressed. It's a super silly book, but it really gets the students into discussing winter apparel, activities, etc. It's also a great time to make a KWL. Below is a cute packet I made to go along with Froggy this year. Included is a rhyming activity, summary worksheet, story starter, and magnetic/felt board pieces that can be created with a few simple materials. Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year!!!!!!


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