Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Teacher's Christmas List

Inspired by Courtney at Swimming Into Second
Graphics from Diane J. Hook

1. A sick detector: I'd like to have one at the entrance to my classroom, instead of alerting for metal it would set off an alarm when a student had a fever, stomach virus, or symptoms of the flu. I love to see my kiddos every day, I wish they'd leave their germs at home though. :)
2.A homework machine: will someone/something please review and log my homework for me?!?!
3. A bathroom break: let's face it, lunch is only 35 minutes and if you have recess duty every day like I do, there's no time to relieve yourself.
4. Howler's from Harry Potter to send home to parents: I can tweet, write newsletters, post on websites and information still never seems to get to everyone's homes... (totally borrowed this from Courtney!)
5. A desk elf or monkey: I just can't seem to help my kiddos keep their desks clean this year...
6. A never-ending budget: Who doesn't want everything they could ever need for their classroom??!!?
7. My own personal laminator
8. A copier that never jams!
9. A printer that always works!
10. A Mac!!!! Or maybe just an iPod. I'm definitely a mac girl and I love all of the educational tools (garage band, imovie, etc) and apps that typically come standards on most macs. I also just think macs are easier for students to learn to use and are deceptively simple. Who doesn't love clicking and dragging?!?! I'd love to have my whole school running on macs, sorry Dell :)


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