Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Craft

So this year, I'm trying a new holiday craft/gift. With the help of my classroom aide, high school aide, and myself I am going to attempt to complete the craft below. Many teachers make hand-printed wreaths in my school, but I think the foot is darling! :)  I'm seriously hoping that this is non-denominational enough (although I do not have any students this year that celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.). I also do a polar express train summarizing activity (pics to come soon) and sometimes I do a hand-painted poinsettia for Las Posada.

I'm planning on creating just the Rudolph from the piece above and mounting onto green construction paper. I am substituting red glitter along w/ a red bingo marker for the nose so that I can laminate the project. After laminating, students will add the googly eyes. A poem to go with this project is included below and was found at http://www.kinderkorner.com/reindeer.html

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Jenn Bates said...

Very cute! Thanks for linking up.
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