Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Penguins Galore!

For the second half of my winter unit, I always spend a week on penguins! This unit tends to be one that is very popular and very memorable for my students.  After an introduction to penguins, I spend 3 days focusing on the following 3 penguins: Emperor, Rockhopper, and Adelie. Other penguins worth mentioning are the: Fairy penguin and Macaroni penguin. Check out some of my fav penguin activities below!
Rockhopper Penguin Masks!

Always a favorite craftivity!!!

Click here to get a copy of the Rockhopper Mask

We love to watch this rockhopper penguins video clip !

Personal Narrative Writing-If I had a pet penguin...
(The penguin template is from Mailbox! It includes lines so that students can write right on the penguin).

Main idea & detail posters: After reading nonfiction selections on each of the penguins mentioned above, students help me complete a main idea and detail chart. WOOHOO for cross-curricular activities! Pics to come soon!

Word Work: Every year I have my students write the word "penguins" in large letters on a piece of white construction paper. We cut each letter out and use the letter tiles to see how many words we can make from the word "penguins." 

Okay, Dance Moms is on now, and I'm addicted to this show! Hope my ideas have give you some inspiration for the week. :)


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