Monday, November 14, 2011

Wonderful Website

Just stumbled onto a new website that is completely irresistable.  Do you DOJO? Click the link below and find out how you can virtually reward students for positive behavior and provide consequences for negative behaviors. For free, you can enter your class and have bar graphs and data that are constructed FOR you...less work, yay!!!!!


I can't say I'm ready to implement Dojo into my classroom this year, because my behavior plan is solid plus, my students and parents are used to it. I currently use a basic (green-yellow-red) stoplight behavior plan coupled with reward tickets for positive, "bucket-filler" behaviors. I'm actually thinking of entering my various table teams (desk clusters) into Dojo and then setting a goal so that the teams can work towards lunch with teacher, etc. I usually just write tallies on the boards for small group goals/rewards but this is SO much more visual, fun, and easy to manage (I won't have to worry about the janitors erasing my tallies anymore :)


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