Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wompanoag for a Day!

Every year after we study the Pilgrims and Wompanoag attire and ways of living, my students just LOVE to turn into a Wompanoag for a day. I usually make the headbands out of sentence strips then we write a sentence or just copy some of the symbols they used to communicate by writing. I staple the sentence strip so that it fits around their tiny heads. Then they cut out and feather (make tiny cuts) in brightly-colored feathers made out of construction paper. I drew the feathers on paper and then copied them onto construction paper. Students just have to cut and "feather" their feathers. How many feathers can they put on their headdress? The SAME number as their age. This keeps things consistent, fair, and organized. :) See pics of our headdresses below.

In writing, we write a leaf cinquain. First we write on a template, then we copy onto paper or type them if we have time. Next we glue the writing onto a giant leaf template which, I usually hang from our ceiling. Super festive! Here's an example of a student cinquain below:

Orange, Brown
Falling, Swirling, Floating,
You jump in them.

I'll try to upload my template next, but I make it so that lines are placed on a page in the exact places students need to write. So they're all centered. This helps the students understand and visually see the pattern of a cinquain. Of course, showing examples from years before on my document camera is extremely helpful.


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