Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Leaves, Fall!

So, I finally wrapped up my Fall/Autumn unit this week, and then it snowed today! Actually, it still is snowing here in PA! I have to admit the weather this school year had made for some really interesting weather graphing! I bet my firsties will be ready to learn about Winter on Monday already. :) Below I'm including one of my favorite fall activities/lessons. I usually read Fall, Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall and then my firsties use fake (look alike) leaves that I usually buy from Dollar Tree to either classify the leaves or make leaf animals, people, and other fun stuff! The lesson is a great way to introduce various types of leaves/trees and encourage students to identify them. This year most of my girls took the creative route and my boys decided to classify, interesting...anyways, here's some pics of our finished activities below.


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