Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sneak Peak

So, it may seem like I've disappeared and truthfully, I have. I was traveling and milking every last bit out of summer that I possibly could have! I'm proud to say that I completed my summer bucket list. Some events might have been a little last minute, but I got em all in! I was bummed about in-service last week and starting school on Monday. But I met my class at my class picnic this past Thursday, and I feel like it could be a really great year. New class, new room, new awesome schedule, new desktops in the classroom (well new to me anyways)...I don't know what else I could ask for! Does anyone else do any pre-school events like picnics or home visits? They're standard for 1st grade at my school and since home visits scare me a little, I do a picnic. It's always nice to have the kids and families come into the classroom, meet me, hear a read aloud (The Night Before First Grade), and then enjoy a brown bag picnic and our school playground. While the kids play, I get to meet and speak with parents. This is always a HUGE help! I also collect my forms I send home in the beginning of Aug. with my picnic invitations (student survey, parent survey, student info). I think the picnic helps with those first day jitters and my first day dismissal nightmares ha.

Here's a sneak peek of my new classroom. It's all done, but I forgot my camera. I'll post a more thorough tour soon! PS School theme is construction this year, hence the minions.

Right outside my classroom door! Pardon the lighting, my hallway is dark! It's tradition in our school to put a display outside the door welcoming the students. I made each student a custom minion this year. I think they ROCK! Stay tuned for better pics.

New Word Wall (yup, I used a whollle whiteboard because I don't have a big bulletin board anymore), and part of the library. Again pardon the pic quality, the Blackberry just doesn't speciaize in that. :)

Time for my back to school mani pedi! See ya!


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