Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I came across another, wonderful blog this weekend. It's called The Teaching Reef. Shannon is the blogger over there and she's got tons of great ideas and resources. She's also currently hosting a New Years Resolution Linky Party...and this happens to be her FIRST linky party. So, link up, and show her some love! It's brave and bold to throw your own party, I'm not quite there yet, but I admire all of you wonderful bloggers who put yourself out there and in doing so, help and support all of us as teachers. Check out my resolutions below! (You may need to double click on this image to make it bigger).

So here are the drawers I bought with my budget, course this was inspired by Pinterest and this image is taken from pinterest.
They're colorful and cute. I used to organize my papers/handouts by academic subject rather than days of the week. Fire drills, assemblies, and whatnot sometimes change my weekly schedule and I worry that I'll be having to go to the Tuesday drawer for Wednesday papers...but it seems like that method works for many teachers. Maybe I'll try it, or I'll label my drawers: Center, Writing, Math like I've done in the past. Last year, my papers somehow were all over and I couldn't remember where I put them. I felt crazy, hopefully this will resolve the craziness lol. 

So Math centers...I have an hour to teach EnVision Math which, is A LOT! After I get done the modeling, Visual Learning Bridge, Guided Practice problems, and the kiddos do the Independent practice, problem solving, and journaling that hour is close to over! I'm not a fan of teaching 1st graders a new game every day. When I piloted the program, I found that 1 game a week/per topic worked best. But, I like this method above the best I think. I can leave the bins out, place activities in them, and then rotate which groups go to which centers daily. Here's what I'm thinking I can put into each bin:

Teacher's Choice: This will be the meet with teacher group either for enrichment or reteaching. So whatever materials I'm using will be in there.

Independent Work: Could be unfinished work, a review, a super neat Mailbox worksheet, Math craft, number scroll etc. **I think I'll have the hardest time filling this box

Math facts: Worksheets and maybe games to review math facts. Also, I think I'll put my timed math tests in here with a timer. Groups of students might take their timed math tests when at this station. Maybe my Star of the Week or Team Leader can be in charge of the timer??

Essential Review: EnVision Math games! Here's where I'll put various math games. They all review recently taught concepts, so I think they fit best in essential review. 

Anyone out there, if you have or you are doing math stations using a concept to this one, I'd LOVE to hear about it! I'm thinking that after our lesson, students will break into 3 or 4 groups and do 1 station a day. So between M-Th all students should get to do all stations. Seems simple right? If


The Teaching Reef said...


Thanks so much for linking up and giving my blog a shout out! =) I too had a hard group of kiddos last year! I am looking forward to a fresh start and new students. It was hard having to push myself to be a constant disciplinary. So I know the pain! Love your blog and became a new member!

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