Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Showers...

The past week has been rainy and a bit dreary here. I'd be lying if I said the weather didn't bother me at all. It gets me a little bummed sometimes, especially when I think back to some of the 70-80 degree days we've already had here in PA. I mean once you get those beautiful days, they spoil you and at least for me there's no turning back!   So here's hoping for some sunshiney days this week!

When it's raining, snowing, hailing, or below the freezing mark (for those of you that live in colder climate), I know I can count on hearing 2 words that I almost wish didn't exist: INDOOR RECESS. I'm not sure what anyone else does for indoor recess, but I know I try to change it up. This year, I came across a FANTASTIC website: Adventure to Fitness. This is a 30 minute TV program, that combines physical education with all sorts of learning. I think this week's adventure was to the Mayan ruins. Some adventures from the past include: dinos, mummies/Egypt, and an abominable snowman. The #1 rule of this program: NEVER stop moving! My class LOVES this program and it certainly helps them to release their energy on those icky indoor recess days. Check it out, it's free!


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