Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best Books for Boys

One of my favorite bloggers, Courtney over at Swimming Into Second, is hosting a fantastic linky party. To participate, grab the button below, link up, and share some of the best books for boys in your classroom. I gotta tell ya, Courtney's idea for this link party came from a conference presentation that covered differences between boys and girls when it comes to reading levels and reading interests.

Below are some nonfiction books that my 1st grade boys tend to enjoy the most!

I teach bears during November in my Animals Get Ready for Winter unit. I believe there are more of these VS. books out there. I think I'll use some of my Scholastic coupons to purchase a few more.

*There are a series I believe of these nonfiction Dinosaurs books that are pop-outs! My boys love all of the books in my dinosaurs nonfiction book box more than the fiction book box, but the pop-outs are the most popular of all. I'm fairly sure these books are as old as I am, they came with the classroom. But they're definitely worth getting your hands on!

Onto most-loved fiction books....
Another pop-out that a student donated to my library my first year of teaching! Can't say most of my firsties really "read" this one, but it's a good one for reading the pictures (daily 5 strategy).

Another fun series!

Out of all the fiction books boys love, I'd say anything to do with pirates tends to be more popular. This book in particular is one that my boys have used year after year after year for their first book talk-they get to dress-up as a character from the story- can't blame 'em for wanting to be a pirate for the day!

Overall, I'd say that when my firsty boys visit my library or the school library, they tend to go for non-fiction books. Something to keep in mind as you begin/continue to build your classroom library. :)

Enjoy the last few days of 2012!!!!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Those are great choices, Ms White! (thanks for visiting my blog!)
from another Ms White! (Jennifer)
First Grade Blue SKies

Courtney said...

Thanks for linking up! I love the Robert Sabuda books. He came to a reading fair we have in my town and demonstrated how he made his pop up books. It was amazing!

Swimming into Second

AthenaPhoenix said...

My boys LOVE Shark vs. Train! I just found you!
Strive to Sparkle

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